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Computer Karaoke
   It turns out loads of people love to sing. If you are one of them - or are just plain curious - find out more about computer karaoke, the newest and most accessible way to enjoy singing. Computer karaoke supplies the music accompaniment and lyrics - you and your friends supply the voices. Article includes links to popular karaoke libraries and other resources.

The ABCs of MIDI
   MIDI schmidi. Do I need to be a PhD to understand? Fear not. It's surprisingly easy to 'get it' once you know how the protocol came about. Article presents a brief tour of the early attempts to digitize and 'electronify' music, and shows how the birth of the PC came at the right time to make the MIDI breakthrough. By knowing a bit of the background, a musician can get the most out of MIDI.

Extension Mention
   Overwhelmed by the multiplicity of file types out there? Find out about wav, mid, kar, mp3! Article explains the highlights of the history of and electronics basis of digitized sound technology. You'll understand that MP3's intent is to deliver the quality of the original record, which MIDI will not. MIDI's intent, on the other hand, is a tool to compose music and drive music synthesizers - and by the way, to support Computer Karaoke as well.