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Support and FAQ

Here you find answers to frequently asked questions and solutions to common problems that can arise when using vanBasco's Karaoke Player.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can I add more Karaoke songs to vanBasco's Karaoke Player?
  2. With many songs I play, the lyrics are not displayed in the Karaoke Window. Why?
  3. How can I record my voice?
  4. When I make changes to the tempo or key of a song, how can I save the changes back to the MIDI file?
  5. I want to add lyrics to an existing MIDI file - how can I do this?
  6. Where can I find lyrics?
  7. Can I print the words of a song using your player?
  8. How can I print a playlist?
  9. Where can I download more skins?
  10. Can you add support for ST3 files to the next version?
  11. Does vanBasco's Karaoke Player play Karaoke (CD+G) discs?
  12. How can I burn MIDI Karaoke files on an audio CD?
  13. Can I add my website to your search engine?

Common problems
  1. When I try to play a MIDI file, I don't get any sound or I get an "MMSYSTEM00x ..." error message.
  2. I experience hanging notes and/or the player occasionally crashes or freezes and I have to reboot my computer.
  3. My microphone does not work in conjunction with the Karaoke player.
  4. When I use Roland/Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas on Windows 2000 or XP as MIDI output device, I get no sound at all or the sound is distorted.
  5. With some files, in the Karaoke Window, wrong characters are displayed.
  6. The lyrics are not displayed in sync with the sound: the sound is delayed, i.e. the lyrics are highlighted prematurely.
  7. With some Karaoke songs, some lyrics are missing or some syllables are repeated.
  8. When I double-click a MIDI file, instead of vanBasco's Karaoke Player, Windows Media Player or QuickTime is launched and plays the file.
  9. When I play a MIDI file, the player crashes in DIBENG.DLL