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vanBasco's Karaoke Player Windows

The user-interface of vanBasco's Karaoke Player consists of the following windows:

Main Window

The main program window mimics to a large extent, video or music tape players and works pretty much the same. You can open/close all the other player windows here, e.g. the Karaoke window.

Karaoke Window

The Karaoke window gives you the "sing-along" words for the song being played (if the file supports it, that is, if the file contains the lyrics). There are up to four lines displayed. You can make the word display window larger or smaller, or you can make the Karaoke window full-screen. There are also several options for you to configure, such as background image, font, colors.

Control Window

In the control window, you can change the tempo, key, and volume of the song you are playing. You can even save these settings to the playlist so that the next time you load that song from the playlist, these options will be restored automatically.

MIDI Output Window

The MIDI output window shows what's happening on each channel (instrument). You can mute one or several instruments, and you can also mark a channel as a solo instrument.

Piano Window

The piano window displays notes in real-time in a piano-keyboard style. If there are "solo" channels (see above - MIDI output window), only notes on these channels are shown. The piano window can be helpful for learning songs.

Playlist Window

In the playlist window, you create and edit playlists comprised of individual songs. You can create as many playlists as you wish, and every playlist can hold thousands of songs.