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What is a MIDI Karaoke system?

A MIDI Karaoke system is comprised of a computer with a soundcard or a computer connected to an external synthesizer via MIDI cables. The computer needs to run one of the software programs that play MIDI Karaoke files (like vanBasco's Karaoke player) which are regular MIDI files that also have song lyrics. The player program plays the music stored in the MIDI file through the soundcard or the synthesizer and displays the song lyrics on the computer monitor.

The music that is produced for computer karaoke is done using MIDI. An electronic musical instrument, such as a synthesizer, interfaces with a computer in a way that allows the music to be played into the computer and stored as a MIDI file. The MIDI file that contains lyrics that are played on a computer for your karaoke enjoyment are MIDI Karaoke files.

While some software products only use their own format of files, most players play these MIDI karaoke files (.kar) files. These are the most prevalent files in the shareware/public domain market. To find files on the Internet for computer Karaoke, search for the .kar extention.

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